Our Story

Jewellery we love, affordable and made easily accessible

QH collection is a curated jewellery range made up of both local and international designers, marrying pieces and styles that compliment one another to bring your jewellery collection to life!

QH collection was created as a platform for all jewellery lovers who want to shop a variety of jewels at affordable prices, we want to give women the option to shop beautiful jewellery from designers all over the globe.

We believe jewellery inspires confidence and confidence makes a woman feel empowered! Our mission at QHcollection is to do just that, inspire confidence and empowerment in women.


The founders of QH collection are a best friend duo from a beautiful little coastal town on the Mid North Coast. Both Claire & Georgia always envisioned themselves as business owners, to be your own boss...that’s the dream, right?

The idea for QH collection came about a few years ago, with Claire being a jeweller and Georgia having a background in fashion, business and PR it was all too obvious! An online jewellery boutique - it was the perfect business venture. Now based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, the girls run the business from their homes.

 After a lot of late nights, emails, crunching numbers, planning & a few bags of maltesers, QH collection launched in March 2017.

"We are constantly implementing new strategies to grow and evolve our business. We’re just a couple of gals with a passion, taking a chance on life to chase our dreams."


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