Why we dream of being your one-stop-shop for jewellery

While we are on the subject of telling you a little more about ourselves we thought it was time to let you in on our vision for QH collection and how we dream to grow. 

We started QH collection just over a year ago with a big dream and no clear idea of how we were going to get there (now we are being really honest). What we did know was that we have an incredible love for the beauty and sentimentality of jewellery and we wanted to share that with you.

Our dream has always been to bring you amazing, quality jewellery from local and international designers and with that, to tell you the story of how it came to life. The story of the incredible designers behind each piece and why they do what they do. 

From the very start we have held the vision of being your one stop shop for jewellery. Whether you are searching for an engagement ring (sneak peak of what is to come), a present for a friend or statement earrings to treat yourself, we wanted to have it all in the one place and we wanted you to see the people you are supporting by shopping with us. 

Whilst we have always planned on sharing all of that with you, we did not expect the response we would receive and how that would shape our vision. 

All of the emails we receive from you sharing what each piece mean to you and the memories they are creating. Whether you wear a pair of QH earrings to watch your sister get married or buy matching necklaces for you and your best friend. 

This is why we do what we do, this is why we bring all of these designers together. We tell you the story behind each piece, and then pass them on so that you can take them on a journey with you. This is why we want QH collection to be your one stop shop. So no matter the occasion, we have the perfect piece of jewellery for you.

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