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We first came across Trash to Treasured on Instagram, we were inspired by Tina’s content/blog - how easy she makes it for her followers to shop! We know a lot of people might think shopping is easy but if you’re wanting all the latest fashion trends at affordable prices that can be quite tricky! Not only is Tina a savvy girl boss, she is also an absolute legend.
Who is she: Tina Abeysekara is a Sydney fashion blogger (trash2treasured.com) hunting down the latest retail sales, trending styles at affordable prices, and budget friendly shopping destinations- with some 'how-to' guides thrown in.

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Featured: Teardrop necklace

We asked Tina some questions to get to know her a little better…

When picking out your jewellery for the day, what are you go-to styles? Do have the same style for nighttime/glam or do you tend to mix it up? 
99% of the time I'm in simple pearl studs when it comes to earrings, something I've been doing for about 15 years now! So I guess you could say I don't mix it up on that front haha. When it comes to other jewellery I opt for simple and delicate necklaces, rings and anklets. If I'm in the mood for glam it tends to be in the form bold makeup and/or outfit and my jewellery stays simple and understated.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery & Why?
Well I'm going to have to say a new addition to the fam: my engagement ring! I've always loved the style of Princess Diana's ring which is a sapphire. When I found out the stone was from my home country of Sri Lanka (most sapphires are!) and it was also my partners' birthstone it just sealed the deal for me.

What are you most likely to be doing on a Friday or Saturday night?
These days I'm rarely out on a Friday night as it's when I set myself up for blog work over the weekend, whether it be styling outfits to shoot or replying to emails- with a glass of wine nearby :p. But Saturdays are for friends, family and fun. Love laughs and chats over long dinners!


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What is something that makes you feel like your best self?
When I nail my morning routine! Wake up on time (no snoozing!), warm water with lemon, 30min brisk walk and then a comfy but neat outfit to face the day ahead really makes me feel I've got it together!

What is the one talent you WISH you had?
Being organised is a superpower! My partner is very good at thinking ahead, seeing the benefits of that inspire me to work on it- it's still a work in progress though.

What is your favourite food? (This is very important)
Oh so important! And so hard to answer! Haha but I love anything spicy and savory like Asian food, Mexican, Sri Lankan food and I absolutely love potatoes (chips, hash browns, fries, mashed, wedges...!). Definitely a savory tooth over sweet tooth!


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If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Africa! I was lucky enough to go once but can't wait to explore more of it and this time take my partner along with me. An African safari is such a magical experience, the people are happy-go-lucky and vibrant and the beaches are so beautiful in East Africa.

If you could live any moment from the past or present, what would it be?
We don't get to do it often as my parents travel a lot but I'm happiest when my whole family/partners and fur baby are together so anytime involving that would be it!  
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