Opals for October

October is here again (how did that happen?) and the birthstone for October babies is Opal! 

It is absolutely no secret we have a soft spot for opal and envy those of you lucky enough to have it for your birthstone.

There is nothing quite like staring into an opal in the sunlight and seeing the beautiful play of colour as the light hits different angles. It looks like there is a tiny little universe inside each and every precious gemstone. Although opal is ridiculously beautiful that isn’t the only reason we love it. 

Wether you believe in gemstones for their healing properties or you just love their beauty, there is something beautiful about wearing a piece with meaning. A piece that has been gifted to you from someone special (or for yourself) with the intention to bring you loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity. To inspire you and enhance your self worth & to help you understand your full potential. Opal is said to amplify traits and bring characteristics to the surface for transformation. What a beautiful gift to buy for a friend or for yourself.

October opals are for new beginnings. Here are our top 7 best sellers:

Opal Luminous Ring


Opal Arc Ring


Opal & Diamond Dublet Studs


Opal Quin Ring


Parisian Sunset Necklace


Opal and Moonstone Wing Ear Climbers


Opal Babette Ring

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