Mélodie from Euclide: Falling in love with jewellery

It's no secret we are obsessed with jewellery. Whether that be the designs themselves or their gemstones and the meanings behind them, but to us we love jewellery for more than just its beauty.

Before your piece even arrives at your doorstep it has a story.. From sourcing the gemstones to bringing the beautiful designs to life. We sit down with Mélodie from French Jewellery brand Euclide to find out a little more about her process and the journey it takes to bring her designs to you. 


What is the meaning behind the name Euclide?
EUCLIDE, greek mathematician, in the mythology was "the father of geometry". The name of the brand was given in reference of stone's crystallography and geometry in natural state or when they are cut.

Tell us about Euclide’s core values?
EUCLIDE is all about LOVE for gemstones! Garnet, sapphire, topaz, moonstone and so on decorate each piece. It's a hymn of nature treasures! Our jewellery is poetic, delicate, feminine and timeless.

Myla II necklace
Featured: Myla II Necklace

What first led you in the direction of making jewellery?
After working for 10 years as a model, with a lot of designers, I developed my sense of creativity. Travelling all over the world gave me a lot of inspiration... But it's when I met my fiance, Vincent (who is a gemologist) that I truly fell in love with gemstones. I then started to collect them and make jewellery. Together we decided to create our own brand. I am in charge of designing and he takes care of the gemstones.

Talk us through your designing process: Do you design around the gemstones you have or source gemstones to fit the designs.
I always first choose the gemstone and then design around it to emphasize the beauty.

How do you choose the right stones?
We often go to Asia to source our gemstones, we find the quality there is the best.

Vincent and Mélodie in Thailand sourcing gemstones.

What inspires you?
I am very inspired by all my travels and the beauty of nature; landscapes, sea, the sky and sunsets.

Do you have a favourite gemstone?
To pick only one is difficult but my top 3 are; tourmaline, moonstone and sapphire.

What is your favourite piece from your collection and why?
I would say the RHEA ring with blue sapphire that represents an eye and symbolises protection. I wear it as a talisman (to bring good luck) and also the THEA earrings, they are easy to wear everyday.

Thea earrings
Featured: Thea Earrings

What is your most treasured piece of jewellery and why?
My engagement ring for sure with one diamond in the center and smaller diamonds surrounding it. Because, only Love matters!

What’s next for Euclide?
Should I keep the secret?..
a gold collection is coming soon.

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