7 FAQ on caring for your jewellery

Like all things, your jewellery will need a little bit of maintenance from time to time and if you are anything like us, cleaning your jewellery probably isn’t the highest on your priority list. We see the same questions being asked again and again about how to care for your jewellery (quickly and easily). 
So here are our 7 frequently asked questions on jewellery care to help your pieces stay sparkly.
  1. What is the easiest way to clean my jewellery?
    CLEANING CLOTHS, the simplest thing to do, give your jewels a gentle wipe with a cleaning cloth or a soft cloth to remove all makeup and oils after you wear it.

  2. Can I swim in my jewellery?
    Besides the awesome tan lines, yes swimming in your jewellery is fine. We do recommend rinsing it with water to get the salt off after your swim though and pleasssssse be careful not to loose it).

  3. What should I avoid?
    Keeping it away from chemicals may seem obvious but even things like shampoo, conditioner, soaps, perfume etc can have reactions with different metals. For this reason we recommend you take if of while showering, or in a pool.

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  1. Can I wear perfume with my jewellery?
    Yes you can wear perfume with your jewellery however make sure you apply perfume before putting your jewels on and avoid spraying directly onto your jewellery.

  2. Are my sterling silver pieces different to the vermeil pieces? Yes, sterling silver pieces can be treated a little differently to the vermeil pieces however we still recommend you follow the same tips in caring for your jewellery to avoid tarnishing.
  1. How do I clean my gemstone jewellery?
    We recommend wiping down with a cloth and cleaning as per your other pieces. Gemstones can be tricky as they should each be treated differently. We will be doing more blogs about caring for specific gemstones however if you have any questions in the meantime, please just send through a message. We are here to help you.

  2. Extra tip: Store your pieces correctly
    To avoid tarnishing as much as possible make sure your jewellery is kept in its box in a dry environment, do not keep your jewellery in the bathroom as the moisture will accelerate tarnishing.
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